Saturday, April 29, 2006

Remembering Elmer

This is my favorite picture of Elmer. I love it because he is smiling and it captures perfectly how much I love him and he loved me. Elmer died 1 year ago today and even though I have Angus now I still miss him so much. I don't know that I'll ever stop crying when I think of him.

Elmer was my particular friend and he knew my moods and what I needed and I did the same for him. I'd do anything for that guy. He was so special. He was friendly and warm and thoughtful and my constant companion. I miss him.

He loved retrieving, laying in the sun and following me around when I gardened. He'd find a patch of sun and lay near where I was working and keep my company. When he was a puppy, he loved gardening too but was a bit more mischievious about it. Back then we had two women, Sheryl and Joanna who took care of our gardens and Elmer would go nuts when they came! He'd follow them around and quietly wait until one of them took off a glove and he would daintily grab that glove in his front teeth and run away. He never chewed it; he just liked the chase.

Elmer loved a warm fire in the winter. He was a true yellow lab (all the ones we've seen have an affinity for fireplaces) and would lie as close to the the woodburning stove as he could without getting burned himself. One of the reasons we chose to get yellow labs was the dog in the movie Funny Farm with Chevy Chase. At first the characters get a dog that likes to run but when it doesn't stop running and runs away they get Yellow Dog, a yellow lab who hardly moves and definitely won't run away. In one scene, Chevy Chase has to get the fire tongs and remove Yellow Dog's smoking tail from the fire because the dog just lies there and doesn't feel it burning. Elmer wasn't that bad but he did love his fireplace snoozes.

He loved to sleep on our bed too but as he was anywhere from 68-85 pounds in his life, thats alot to have between two adults even if the bed is king sized! And he wasn't a "curl up small at your feet" kind of dog either. He would lay flat on his side with his legs at right angles to his body, taking up as much room as he could. I'd gladly give up sleeping comfortably for the rest of my life (it's over-rated anyway, right?) to have him here with me now.


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