Sunday, May 07, 2006

cottage ho

We're expecting some rain today (welcome for my garden) but that's not going to stop me from making trips from my old workroom to the cottage. I want to get all my stuff moved over as soon as possible. I was out there so long yesterday the battery of my ipod went into the red--guess I'm going to have to get an ipod/charger/stereo thingy one of these days!

After I was done in the cottage I went out and picked a bouquet for the dinner table (we had the family over last night: my sister and brother-in-law and their 3 kids, and my mom and dad) full of lupines, forget me nots, heuchera, and lilacs. Love it when I can pick bouquets for the table all the time! Once things get blooming it doesn't stop until October.

Sooooo, not much knitting happened last night: I was mentally exhausted by stimulating dinner conversation. Wow, we do have some high powered minds working at our table. Last night the topic floated to my sisters new pool that they are putting in and then the subject went deeper (do you like the swimming puns?): it became a discussion on the amount of water displaced when one cannonballs into a swimming pool. Yep. I kid you not. My father swears that you will not hit the bottom of a 7 ft. deep end with a cannon ball. My sister, however, says that her ass will touch the bottom. The gauntlet has been thrown down now. My daughter laughed and asked Aunt Ali if she was going to shove rocks up her butt (a la Southpark) to secretly make herself heavier. You can see where this is going...The good news is that conversation did not take the turn to poop. Somehow that is always where our discussions end up. Stimulating.

Finally I am close to completely being moved into the cottage. So I took some pix before it got too messied up.

This is my sewing area. I would love to have an ironing board set up all the time but it seems like a luxury, even for someone with their own craft cottage. No, I need to come up with a better name than that. I hate the word craft. It somehow trivializes any kind of artistic or creative endeavor. It brings to mind popsicle sticks and pom poms. Not that I don't like those things--there is a place in the world for that. Just not in my cottage unless its the kids...

And here is a shot of the sewing area and my hutch that hides my mini-fridge. I know. Words cannot describe how lucky I am. A bathroom and a mini-fridge. And an electric tea kettle.

And a comfy chair. This is an old chair my mom and I got when we had our shop in California that she slipcovered and it never quite made it into the shop. My sister has the mate and I am currently bartering with her to get it back...

I will take pix of the mighty work counter that Doug built for me but when I was taking these pictures Henry was busy making a mess over there and I'm not taking pictures of mess.

Lastly, somehow the duck, Quackers, figured out that Angus was in the cottage with me and stood on the step outside and repeatedly tapped on the glass in a taunting fashion. What's a weekend without a little duck taunting?


Anonymous Janice in Camas said...

Your cottage is wonderful. I've had the same problem trying to figure out what to call my room -- sewing room, no; craft room, not quite; studio - too snooty. So, it's just "my room". Love your blog. I'm blogless but trying to work up the nerve to try -- the computer and I are barely on speaking terms and I haven't touched a camera in years -- I hear they're digital now (sheepish grin)

8:45 AM  
Blogger Willow said...

The cottage looks wonderful and inspiring! My sil has a cottage and uses it for flower arranging for weddings. It even has a wood stove.
About the tomato sauce-- I tried it and it's wonderful! Thanks for the recipe.
About crafts--Tasha Tudor published a book titled Tasha Tudor's (duh!) Heirloom Crafts. She didn't want to use the word craft because what she does is not "crafts" it's art. P29--"I don't do crafts...Call them anything you like, but not crafts," Maybe we wordsmiths can invent an appropriate word for what we do with our hands

2:48 PM  

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