Wednesday, May 10, 2006

a few of my favorite things

This is my first blooming rose out of all of my roses. It's Collette, a climbing rose (though I think it's more of a rambler). It is especially thorny but it smells like tea when you rub its leaves and I think I love this rose the best. That is until Abraham Darby blooms....If you've checked out my flickr page you can tell I love to photograph roses more than any other subject. It's something about the light and how soft the petals are and the muted colors. I'm just passionate about the things!

I decided to take some pictures of things that make me smile. Things that make me happy. Like the swallows (I can't get a picture of them because they fly around too fast). Like my dog, Angus, sticking his head out of the car window. I always wanted a dog who'd do that but none of them ever have. Now there's Angus. So here are some of my favorite things:

My Wellies.

My fabric stash.

Washed fabric roses.

My Liddle Kiddle bracelet. Okay, this one needs an explanation. When I was a kid I had one of these (long gone now). But when we lived in New Jersey we had this great junk store and I found this in absolutely perfect condition. I love it as much as I love my diamonds...

Stitch markers that I made from vintage necklaces.

I love all these things. I think its important to surround yourself with the things that make you happy. I find that even when I'm having a crappy day I can somehow shake myself out of it when surprised by something that tickles me inside. Another thing that really makes me smile is the comments that people leave on my blog. It just seems that the blogosphere is such a supportive place. It kinda follows the old saying ," If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." Yeah, I like that.

So, does anyone out there watch the damn Soprano's? I am so frustrated! I was talking with Bernadette today and we were commiserating about how disappointing the show has become. Dang. The only thing they're killing is time! I know it's not all about the whacking but, geez! Christopher's drug tripping? Watching him sit with a stray dog and space out? C'mon!

Okay, I'm done for tonight....


Blogger Willow said...

I love comments on my blog too. And I love the rose photo! I took photos of roses at Kew Gardens in London. I gotta figure out how to post them!

10:15 PM  
Blogger blackbird said...

I see that Kiddle!

what a beautiful looking blog you have - I think I'll stay and look around.

5:20 PM  

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