Saturday, May 20, 2006

i'm tired of pimpin' for fowl

Lately I've been thinking a lot about when I used to visit my grandparents. They had a ginormous oak tree in their back yard and they put a king size bed under it to be able to sleep outside when it was too hot to sleep in the house. When we would stay with them we would sleep under the oak tree with them and watch the stars (back then the only thing moving in the sky was a falling star--I don't think there were many if any satellites!) and listen to stories before we'd nod off to sleep. I always thought that when I had kids of my own I'd take my best memories and somehow recreate them for my kids. I know I cant' do that completely but at least let them experience something similar. I'm ashamed to say that we hardly ever sleep outside in the summer. I don't know why--maybe the threat of mosquitoes (I don't remember my grandparents having any...), but we don't. And we have great stars out here in the boonies! When you look up in the summer it feels like the sky is going to fall down on you. We have loads of beds in the barn--maybe I should just have Doug drag one on out and put it somewhere for us to sleep outside. But what about the dog? He always sleeps on my bed with me and he'd never settle down outside. And a tent just isn't the same...I'll have to ponder this one.

Every time spring roles around I start getting itchy to use fabric. I usuallly stop knitting and move onto creating with fabric. This year I can see that socks are perfect because I don't have to stop knitting because a project is too big and warm to have on my lap. Socks don't do that. But I am going to start picking up my toothbrush rug. I started it 2 years ago and seem to only work on it in the summer. It's pretty close to being finished so maybe I can manage that this year. I love doing this as much as I love knitting because you use strips of fabric that are ever changing and this keeps my attention span from waning. And I love fabric and colors and the rug is always changing with each new strip. My only downfall is that you are supposed to wash the fabric first and I never do (impatient) so I get some stringies at the end when I wash the whole run. I don't mind and I know that the more I use it and wash it sooner they'll disappear. The rugs are so nice and soft I love to use them all over the house.

Quackers has now taken up with the barbecue. He just hangs out there for most of the day. I've looked up some info on ducks and apparently if you aren't going to provide them with a companion you have to be prepared to play with them. I am not making this shit up. If anyone out there in blog land knows how to play with a duck please be sure and let me know. I've also looked into ordering him a companion but you can only get ducklings and it would be a big pain to raise them all over again especially since we now have 5 cats who would surely eat them. I am in a quandary. Any ideas?


Blogger Willow said...

I love the rug. How do you make one?
About the fowl--advertise for one in the local area. There's probably someone who wants to get rid of one or would swap you for a cat and take him off your hands.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Poshyarns said...

Oh I love the idea of a big old bed under the Oak tree. My husband is constructing a treehouse at the moment and we will all be made to sleep out there when (if), it is completed while the weather is still warm enough.

The rug is lovely, I love those colours. I hadn't heard of toothbrush rugs before but now I'm coveting one and have just spend half an hour googling them.


12:07 PM  

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