Saturday, May 27, 2006

it's still freakin' raining!

Just in case you were wondering where he is or how he's doing, here's the Quackinator:

This is him at my kitchen door. Apparently we weren't feeding him early enough today and he hopped his big fat duck ass up the steps and onto the porch. I am sparing you the sight of the duck crap that is beneath him....

I finally finished my Koigu socks (yea!) and am now working on a pair for a christmas gift (can't say who) and a bath mitt.

(Yes I know there is dog hair at the bottom of my socks--I wore them to bed last night and wasn't going to wash them again just for a picture. Sorry.) And I'm spinning! I am so hooked! I went to my lys yesterday and picked up some Perendale roving. It felt pretty soft so I figured that it should be nice if I didn't butcher it with my wheel. And I didn't! I'm still doing the thick and thin a bit (really, really thin and not too thick) but it turned out so soft and pretty I was excited! So excited that I actually spun 86 grams and then dyed it! My lys only carries Jacquard dyes and seeing that I'm an impatient and instant gratification kinda girl I figured I'd try it. It was very easy and not messy at all. I don't know if I'll get enough variation in color but for now it's better than KoolAid and I'll play with it some more before I make the next step. You can bet I'll be "plying and dyeing" , as my daughter Riley would say, all weekend. Yup, I'm hooked.

So this new yarn that I spun yesterday I'm calling Colette because reminds me of the color of that beautiful rose on my cottage. This is so fun!

Other than that, things have been pretty status quo here. Here's a sampling of dinner conversation from the other night:

Ruby takes a bite of salad. "Whoa!!! Whoa!!! Did you buy different croutons?" Ruby continues to roll the crouton in her mouth, checking it out with her tongue.

"Yes I did, Ruby. They didn't have the ones we usually buy."

"Wow. I could tell. These taste different." (Ruby is my 17 year old.)

Yep. Things are so boring around here that the arrival of a new kind of crouton is worthy of stopping dinner for and talking about. Boy, you sure can't put one past Ruby....She loves her dinners. Every day when she gets out of school she either calls me or texts me and asks, "what's for dinner?" I guess I can't complain--much better to have your teenage daughter concerned about her dinner than boy problems or whatever. I think I've spoiled them by cooking full dinners every night. College will be a rude awakening, I think.

I'm on a mission this weekend. If anyone needs me I'll be the one furiously spinning....


Blogger b said...

keep spinnin and spinnin! gorgeous color on the yarn you dyed.

when it comes to can't get a thing past those girls, can you?! :-)

12:09 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Beautiful yarn and a beautiful picture too. Looks as if it should be on a book jacket!

5:32 PM  
Blogger Willow said...

The Jaquard color looks good. Whenever my spinning is thin/thick like you describe, I just call it novelty yarn!

7:55 AM  
Blogger Suse said...

I cannot tell you how glad I am you commented on my blog! Cos now I've come exploring to see who you are, and find a blog with roses, yarn and ducks. Oh my giddy aunt ... three of my favourite things in the whole wide world!!

I'm so sad about your duck, and so thrilled to see someone else obsessed with roses, not to mention a mad keen knitter. Oh I'm rambling, I'll shut up now. But I'll definitely be back.

(I cast on my very first pair of socks tonight.)

6:39 AM  

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