Tuesday, May 30, 2006

please, sir, may I have s'more?

Spring has returned to Oregon. I don't know how long it will stick around this time but I'm making the most of it while its here! This weekend Doug built an arbor for my cottage garden. We had to get it up quickly because I had a Cecil Brunner rose in a pot that had sent roots out the holes in the bottom and we had to move the rose thusly snapping off said roots. This made the arbor a neccessity because it had climbed about 12 feet and it needed a place to rest on. So now I have a beautiful arbor with a lamp in it and a somewhat sad looking rose (It will perk up when I feed it and water it lovingly) on it. The gate will come next with some pickets kindly offered to me by my mom who got them at a salvage yard and had no project for them but couldn't pass them up! And then hopefully this summer we will put up a short fence. So right now the arbor looks a little like a sore thumb standing in the middle of nowhere in all its grandeur. I'll put up pix when Doug moves the other potted rose over. He had had enough yesterday and refused to move it.

Even though we didn't really do anything for Memorial Day, it was a lovely evening so we pulled out the fire pit and made ourselves some s'mores for dessert.

And here's Henry enjoying his.

By the end of the s'more portion of our evening Henry had eaten 3 s'mores and I was threatening medication! What is it about sugar, fire, sharp sticks and stickiness that brings out the mischievious worst in boys?

I did so much spinning this weekend that my drive belt (or whatever its called) which I knew was on its last legs broke into 3 pieces! Quick thinker that I am, and not to be thwarted in my quest for the creation of perfect yarn, I remembered that you can tie cotton string and use that as a drive belt. Voila! It worked and I continued to spin until my bad shoulder cramped up so horribly that I was going numb in my hand. And did I achieve my goal, you might ask? Yes, I would say so. Pix when I ply (when I regain some feeling other than pain in my right arm...). And on the subject of yarn: I am very disappointed in Koigu sock yarn. Yes, it knits up nicely. Yes, it gets softer and softer with each washing. NOOOO it does not retain its colorfastness! And what it does turn into looks like pastel .....I don't know what. But its not pretty. And its more expensive! I think I'll be sticking with Lorna's Laces and Opal. No more Koigu for me (I'll bet Doug is happy to hear that! He is amazed that I can spend $12 for ONE sock and have to knit it myself!).

So now that I'm addicted to dyeing, I can't wait to try the overdyeing that is shown in Martha Stewart Mag this month. I went a little crazy this weekend with the dye. I had a piece of ugly natural colored fabric that was kind of damasky looking. Kind of. It was in the barn and had bat shit and mouse shit on it and was in the throw out pile when my mom, queen of the salvage, spied it and said "Don't throw that out! Its at least 6 yards, you can do something with it!" Well, folks, she was right. It's a 60" wide decorator (translates to expensive. Bought in the days of the football money) fabric. I had nothing to lose. So I brought it in with gloves, stuffed it into my washer, added lots of bleach and soap and waited. It came out nice and soft and kinda pretty but boring. I was glad mom had made me save it. I've been using it on my window seat cushion (too lazy to sew it up--just wrapping it around the foam. Also easy to remove because big ass labradors like to sit there and put their big noses on the window). Well, this weekend I thought, wouldn't that be pretty blue? And I remembered I had bought RIT dye at least 3 years ago. I found the dye (that itself is worthy of a blog!) and cut the fabric in half and set about turning it beautiful. And it is! So, what do you do when you're done dyeing your project but there is still dye in the bucket? I can tell you this, you don't pour it down the sink! You run around the house looking for things to dye, thats what! I had some white matelesse shams and now they are blue and match my shabby chic (Target) sheets perfectly!

Do not notice the wrinked sheets --only the soft blue shams. I know, crappy picture....

Pretty soon I'm going to have to type with only my left hand because my shoulder is cramped again. I'm so lazy you'd have to guess at the words because I'd just leave out the right hand letters. re t rr w. (More tomorrow)


Blogger Susan said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and I can't wait to see the arbor. Can I borrow Doug?? LOL

I've been pouring over the new "Martha" I want to try the bleaching too. Found the bleach stopper at Dharma Trading so will order some on payday. I've fallen in love with a line of quilting fabric that looks really faded but I can't afford all that I would like. So, I'm thinking that getting less expensive cotton and bleaching might be an answer. Certainly fun too! Are you going to share the "barn" fabric that you overdyed?

I want to try the painted furniture too. I really need to get rich and quit work LOL

Have fun today!

5:43 AM  
Blogger Poshyarns said...

That fabric looks so pretty and it is such a lovely photograph. I am mentally scanning my linen cupboard right now.

2:28 PM  
Blogger ~*~ D ~*~ said...

You post the prettiest pictures!

I love smores, I'm gonna have to make some tonight...

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

henry is one cool dude!!!!!!

2:29 PM  

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