Tuesday, May 23, 2006

rain, rain go away...

As I cruise around the blogosphere I am seeing one constant remark in almost every blog I read: its raining here today. Now, I read blogs from all over the US and Europe and I find it amazing that we are all experiencing the damn May showers. I am seriously thinking of turning the heat back on! My hands get so cold so quickly I feel like lighting the wood burning stove and cuddling in with a good movie and some sock knitting. And of course something yummy and freshly baked with a good cup of coffee. Except that I'm trying to watch what I eat...I didn't even brave the rain today with my intrepid labrador--I did the treadmill in the barn and watched Lost on the ipod.

Speaking of hunkering down, as it were, when I go outside these days I can hear finches and bluejays. Because we live next to some huge fir trees the sound bounces and echoes and so, so, so reminds me of the cabin we used to have at Pinecrest Lake in California. Our cabin was surrounded by towering pines and the calls of the finches and bluejays would echo. It was always the first sound I heard in the morning and the sound that would lull me to sleep during a nap. (We used to joke about how it took about 2 days and then you would revert to "cabin mode". That meant that you slept in, took naps, wore your pajamas for long stretches of time, read books and generally let everything go to hell in a hand basket but, damn, if you weren't relaxed!) I do love it that I'm not awakened by cars or people outside; just my own chickens or duck or peacock and the house wren building a nest right outside my window. This morning I rolled over and started to snuggle into my pillow again and my first thought was "Is it Saturday or Sunday?" As we all know, I had a rude awakening when I realized it was Tuesday. And rainy.

I am getting closer to finishing Koigu socks and should have them done maybe tomorrow. And then I really am going to get a head start on knitting some christmas gifts. Along with upcoming birthday gifts. Along with another pair of socks for me....

I didn't even make it out to the cottage today: I felt guilty that the dust bunnies in my foyer were the size of terriers. I'm not kidding. So I had to pick up the vacuum and the dust rag.

And I just want to let everyone who reads my blog know: the comments you leave me make me smile from my heart. There.


Blogger Poshyarns said...

Christmas!!! Yikes, I am shamed by your efficiency. Well done you.

I have noticed the common rain thread too. It's crazy isn't it. The rain has stopped briefly today so I am about to dash outside with the dogs before it starts again.

4:16 AM  
Blogger Willow said...

Is it still raining?
We now have sunshine here in LA, but we also have smog, horrendous traffic and trains blocking our route to school this morning! I'm about ready to put up with the incessant rain to get away from cars and their crazy drivers.

9:16 AM  

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