Tuesday, May 02, 2006

wishing for tomatoes

Okay. Picture my farm again. Blue skies. Singing birds. A breeze rustling the fir trees on the ridge. Lots of warm sunshine. Sounds nice, huh? Idyllic. That's what I thought when Riley (my daughter home from school again), Bernadette and I wandered out to the adirondack chairs to sip our Diet Pepsi's and have some chips and salsa. We sat down, put our feet up....and all hell broke loose! First the ducks waddled over and started to chase Angus and they ran around us for a little while until the ducks left him alone and he chose to take a crap right next to Bernadette's chair! As I was picking up that smelly pile the cats descended upon the chips and salsa--one would be knocked down and two others would jump up! Needless to say, that was the end of the chips and salsa. We had a few sips of Diet Pepsi and called it a day. Might as well tackle that pile of laundry that closely resembles the steamin' pile o' mulch....

Under the "Even More Disturbing" header: I had a bizarre dream that I was pregnant with 3 babies . One came out and was fine but the other two wouldn't come out (my body stopped being in labor). They were fine but just not ready to come out. So, anyone? Sounds like my realization that Ruby will be going to college soon had an affect on me. I don't know--sometimes my dreams make so much sense--does that mean I have it under control? Nah, I didn't think so...

I think I'm just going to attempt to keep on the laundry today and get some spinning done and knit tonight. I will conquer the sweater! I do think I'll be ripping out the simply lovely lace socks, though. Even though they're cute, a CO of 60 is still to loose for my ankles and feet. I think I'll rip it and do a simple stockinette ankle sock with a picot edge. I'll probably enjoy wearing them more if they fit nice and snug. I love the Koigu yarn so they'll feel so good on my feet.

Here's that recipe for Willow:

Can be refrigerated for up to 5 days or frozen up to 10 months
Makes about 10 cups of sauce
15 cloves of garlic
8 lbs of ripe tomatoes, any variety, halved or quartered
5-10 medium onions, quartered
1 cup fresh herbs, chopped—rosemary, Italian parsley,basil, thyme, oregano
(I have been known to use dried oregano and thyme if that’s what I have)
¼ cup olive oil
½ teaspoon salt
Fresh ground black pepper
3-4 tablespoons sugar, optional

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Peel and chop 5 cloves of garlic. Leave the remaining cloves whole. In a large roasting pan, gently toss together the tomatoes, whole and chopped garlic, onions, herbs, oil, salt, and pepper.

2. Roast for 25 minutes. Gently stir. Roast for another 25 minutes. Stir again. Roast another 45 minutes or until tomatoes are softened and broken down into a sauce with a golden brown crust on top.

3. Remove from oven and taste for seasoning. If slightly bitter, add sugar and stir. Pour sauce into clean, sterile jars or freezer bags and refrigerate, can or freeze. If you prefer a smoother sauce, blend in a blender or use hand blender until smooth.

You can see why I wait to do it until tomatoes are in season! 8 pounds of tomatoes! And I know it sounds like a lot of garlic and onions but, trust me, the onions and the garlic mellow and it isn't a strong tasting sauce at all! Just a very mellow roasty taste. Depending on the size of the onions I vary how many I use: if they're big onions I'll only use 5 but if they're small I'll use more. Sometimes I use a hand blender and blend only a few cups of the sauce and add it back in with the rest just to make it a little thicker. Dang it is sooooo good! Let me know if you have questions. Enjoy!


Blogger Willow said...

Thanks so much! I am going to the Long Beach Farmers Market on Friday and if there is a good price on tomatoes, I'm going to get 8 lbs and try it. It looks yummy!

8:19 PM  
Blogger ~*~ D ~*~ said...

Now I'm hungry!!

1:50 PM  

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